Murphy Calls for Prescription Drug Discount for City Residents

LOWELL — Health-care costs have skyrocketed for years and prescription drugs have not been immune to the increases.

To help Lowellians who have struggled to keep up with the rising costs of their prescriptions, City Councilor Patrick Murphy asked city officials at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting to examine a prescription-drug discount program in Gloucester that has saved residents hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Gloucester has teamed with nonprofit NeedyMeds to offer residents without prescription-drug coverage or in need of assistance paying for their drugs a no-fee prescription discount card that can be used at local pharmacies.

Murphy said he wants to know how much the start-up costs would be for Lowell to institute a similar program. The council approved his motion and City Manager Bernie Lynch will have his staff report back in the coming weeks.

(Credit: Lyle Moran, The Sun)

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