Bus Shelters Around the Corner

In the Fall of 2010, Councilor Murphy aggressively lobbied for a system of bus shelters, not only to boost local ridership, but also to build a sense of community and spur greater economic activity in the main neighborhood business corridors.  The proposal included the drawing of transit overlay districts in which the minimum parking requirements might be reduced to encourage further investment.  The administration has developed a plan accordingly to install ten shelters early this winter, with several to be added in the next few years as more funding becomes available.  The councilor continues to push for an expansion of bus service that would provide more access to employment opportunities, particularly for our youth and others who work the second and third shifts.

Previous Req. Mgr. reconsider network of transit overlay districts with adjusted minimum parking requirements to encourage neighborhood business or affordable housing development with thorough transportation demand management plans.
Next Req. Mgr. explore a Bank On Lowell initiative in partnership with local non-profits, banks and credit unions to provide access to low- or no-cost financial services and education for un- or underbanked families.