Captain Greg Page to Assume Role as Mayor’s Aide


Mayor Patrick Murphy is pleased to announce the hiring of Captain Greg W. Page as the Mayor’s Assistant. Page, who lives in Lowell, recently returned from a ten-month tour in Afghanistan to his wife Ratriey and one-year old daughter Lily. Awarded a Bronze Star for his meritorious work in support of a Commanding General overseeing eleven bases in Kabul, he also served three tours in Iraq as an Intelligence Officer in the Navy. Greg is a graduate of Stanford University, holds a Masters of Education from Harvard University, and has been accepted to the Sloan School of Business at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Captain Page brings a keen intellect, strong work ethic, energy, and unique experience to the position. He will begin work Monday on efforts to modernize the Mayor’s office, improve the budgeting process, proactively expand outreach to residents and businesses, and plan long-term projects and policy initiatives that will further the city’s progress. His skills-set fits well with many of the Mayor’s major priorities of strengthening public education, entrepreneurship and community engagement, among others. He has been an active member of the Lowell Downtown Neighborhood Association and is a founding member of the Greater Lowell Global War Veterans Group.

On his choice for the position, Mayor Murphy noted, “We have but a short period of time to make the biggest positive impact possible. I expect Greg will make significant contributions to the office during his tenure and will ultimately leave it in better shape for our city’s future and its mayors.”

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