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Patrick Murphy Announces Twitter Account for Mayor’s Office

Lowell,MA, March 23, 2012 – Patrick Murphy has created a Twitter account for the Office of the Lowell Mayor.  This account will serve several purposes: it will enable the Mayor to publicize events throughout the city – including flag raisings and other ceremonies at City Hall, to highlight news stories that do not always reach citizens via traditional print media, to connect with other municipalities across the world to collaborate on effective governing practices, and to directly hear from citizens about issues as they develop.

Speaking about the importance of Twitter as a medium to reach constituents, Murphy said, “There are so many good things going in this city all the time.  There are multiple flag-raisings each month, which highlight the important contributions of our many ethnic communities.  Grants come in to the city from the federal and state level, thanks to the hard work of city workers and our various community organizations.  People from all over the world come toLowellto learn about its successes, and to figure out where they can apply the relevant lessons to their own communities.  Every day, I talk to the people of this city and I realize that this news isn’t making the rounds the way it should.  Twitter allows information like this to flow directly from the Office of the Mayor to the people of the city.”

In addition, the Twitter format is an excellent means for the Mayor’s Office to learn about the successes of other small- and medium-sized cities across the Commonwealth, nation, and world.  The Mayor can use Twitter to see their stories and hear their ideas without having to search individually, city-by-city.

Finally, Twitter provides an opportunity for the Mayor to learn about breaking news stories across the city, directly from residents, as they happen.  As Murphy noted, “The creation of a Twitter account for the office is as much about me hearing from this city’s residents as it is about me reaching out to them.”

The account, which Twitter users can find via @LowellMayor, is tied to a generic e-mail address at City Hall – not to any individual e-mail account.  This will allow the account to be transferred seamlessly to any future Lowell Mayor who wishes to use this medium to connect with citizens.

For any questions about information contained in this press release, please contact Greg Page at (978) 674-1551 or e-mail


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