Iraqi Flag Flown in Lowell

On Saturday, April 14, the Iraqi flag was hoisted in front of City Hall for the first time ever in Lowell. Saturday’s flag-raising marks an important milestone for the city’s growing community of Iraqi-Americans, most of whom have arrived in the past three years.

The Iraqi flag was raised on Saturday morning as the Iraqi national anthem played over the loudspeakers at City Hall.

The crowd at the event, which consisted of Iraqi-Americans, Iraq war veterans, and other residents of all backgrounds from across the city, cheered as the flag reached the top of the pole. Mayor Murphy read a proclamation announcing “Ahlan wa sahlan fi Lowell” (“Welcome to Lowell”), and City Councilor Rita Mercier led the group in a rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner. Wisam Habeeb addressed the group in both English and Arabic, emphasizing the common goals and aspirations of all Americans, to include those who have recently arrived from Iraq.

Photo Courtesy of Greg Page
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