Lowell Earns More Green Community Funding

Lowell has again received a Green Communities grant, which will go largely toward improving capital items at some of our schools.  To date, the city has received over $670,000 in grants to make infrastructure improvements in our schools and city buildings that lead to significant energy savings and set an example for our kids.  Lowell, at the end of last year, won a “Leading by Example” award as a community on the forefront of this cost-savings effort.

The City Manager’s press release can be found here.

Mayor Murphy is proud to have been the lead advocate for sustainable practices, which led to the city’s designation. He was expected to meet with some of world’s leaders in the green-technology industry in the Navarre region of Spain while on vacation.  Navarre has the impressive distinction of generating 70% of its energy through renewable sources. The Mayor views Lowell’s regional leadership in this area as an opportunity for economic development in this growing sector. He hopes to attract these types of firms and enterprises to the city to create permanent, well-paying jobs.

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