Patrick Murphy announces new Mayoral Aide

Mayor Hires Jen Myers as New Aide

Lowell, MA –Mayor Murphy is pleased to announce the hiring of Jennifer Myers, a former reporter with the Sun of Lowell, as the mayor’s new aide.

Ms. Myers is a journalism graduate of Boston University and frequent presence at neighborhood and community events.

Having covered the City Council and School Committee and our wider community in more than a decade of reporting at the Sun, Ms. Myers brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her new position. She has received numerous awards for her journalistic work and has been a leader in the use of new media to broaden and enhance relationships within the community.

Well-respected for her fairness and objectivity, Myers will undoubtedly help the mayor’s office better serve and communicate with diverse groups of residents.

“She is conscientious, hard-working and personable.  She has a tremendous amount of talent and energy, and I expect that we will work well together to contribute positively to the progress of Lowell,” remarked Mayor Patrick Murphy. “She is a great fit for the job, and a strong successor to an exemplary aide.”

“I am honored to have been chosen by Mayor Murphy to fill this position,” said Myers. “I have built many strong relationships with government, school, neighborhood, cultural and business leaders over the years that will be an asset in assisting the Mayor in moving the city forward and making it the best place to live, work and play it can be. I am very excited about this new opportunity.”

Myers will fill the vacancy created by the departure of Army Captain Greg W. Page, who will pursue an MBA degree at the MIT Sloan School of Management this fall.

Page nevertheless expects to continue to contribute to the success of the Mayor’s office and remain voluntarily involved in various initiatives.

During his relatively short tenure as the Mayor’s Aide, Page worked tirelessly to establish important protocols and processes to greatly improve the organization and operation of the office.  He established consistent communication between elected officials on the City Council, School Committee, and the State House delegation.  He created a Mayor’s page on the city website, which he updated weekly in order to enhance the transparency of the office and the reporting of municipal news.  Page also created and managed an active Twitter account for the Office of the Mayor and used the eGov notification system to great effect.  Highly responsive to residents’ questions and concerns, Greg has been a pleasant and welcoming presence in City Hall.

In addition to his work in modernizing the Office of the Mayor, Page helped guide some of Mayor Murphy’s major initiatives. With Murphy, he produced the first-ever performance-based budget for the Office of the Mayor in the city’s FY2013 budget, with clear and measurable goals.  He spearheaded the revival of the Sister Cities program, which aims at creating social, cultural and economic alliances with a network of cities throughout the world.  He organized and contributed to discussions on how the office can assist in economic development efforts, and actively promoted the city and its events.  In addition, he has advanced a number of educational and health programs that the Mayor hopes to unveil later this year, including a key partnership between the city’s two higher learning institutions and local non-profits.  Most recently, Page began managing an innovative intern project aimed at educating residents about city ordinances and improving the workloads and workflow of fellow city employees.

Reflecting on his experience over the past several months, Page noted: “Working with Mayor Murphy and the City of Lowell has been a phenomenal experience.  While I am leaving to pursue full-time studies, I remain enthusiastic in my support of Mayor Murphy’s initiatives and Lowell civic life in general.  After putting so much work into the processes and protocols related to the office, I’m thrilled to be ‘handing the keys’ over to someone as talented as Jen.  I have no doubt that she will take stock of everything going on in the office, and then raise the bar higher.”

For any questions about information contained in this press release, please contact Mayor Patrick Murphy at (978) 674-1551 or e-mail

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