(w/ S.C. Gignac) Req. the Superintendent to report on the existing processes of the guidance counselors at Lowell High School, including how counselors are working with the students, the number of students per guidance counselor and equity of student number per counselor.

March 21, 2012

Previous Req. City Mgr. explore discussion with Comcast on providing more Wi-Fi hotspots in neighborhood business districts and other strategic areas of the city, and to continue to explore options for more public Wi-Fi access.
Next (w/ S.C. Scott) Req. the Superintendent draft a plan to reinstate busing funding in support of universal preschool access. The report could include consideration of a potential redesign of busing districts for early grades preschool to 4th not only to reduce costs, but in order to encourage a greater sense of neighborhood and increased public health benefits.