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More than 100 people, including a delegation of 30 visiting from the Dominican Republic, as well as contingents from Spain and Holland, gathered at City Hall Friday morning to raise the Dominican flag. The event was organized by Pastor Rafael Najem of the Community Christian Fellowship, who has created a relationship with officials in several …

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From The Armenian Weekly: A mother’s hands weaving the history of her people. Displaying an artist’s rendition of genocide memorial for Lowell (L-R) Mayor Patrick Murphy; Daniel Varoujan-Hejinian, artist/designer; and Armen Jeknavorian, committee chairman. Such is the theme of an elaborate genocide memorial approved by city officials during a meeting with organizers from the Merrimack …


On Saturday, April 14, the Iraqi flag was hoisted in front of City Hall for the first time ever in Lowell. Saturday’s flag-raising marks an important milestone for the city’s growing community of Iraqi-Americans, most of whom have arrived in the past three years. The Iraqi flag was raised on Saturday morning as the Iraqi …


A great night for a great cause.  Please click here for more information on the organization and how you can support its efforts in our community.